Our Menu

For the devoted Mexican food lovers, our extensive menu is not only traditional and colourful but we also have an extensive range of cocktails. We guarantee you’ll love our Pinata and Chimichanga Burrito, not to mention Amy’s Quesadilla (a Mexican favourite with a twist!). We also have special menus that cater for both Vegetarian and Vegan dietary requirements. Please note 15% surcharge applies on public holidays

Mon - Sun 5:30pm - 9:30pm (We are closed on Tuesday)


Nachos Supremos (GF) – (S) $23 (R) $26 (L) $29
Perfectly baked corn tortilla chips smothered with melted cheese and sprinkled jalapeños. Topped with fresh guacamole, light sour cream and mild salsa.
With Beef | Chicken | Frijoles + $4
All Three + $6

Dips (GF) served with tortilla chips – $17
Chilli Con Carne – Beef stew with chilli pepper + beans.
Frijole Con Queso – Blended beans, cheese + spices.

Mexican Potato Skins (GF) – $13
Two crispy baked cheese potato skins topped with light sour cream and avocado sauce.
Beef | Chicken | V | Mixed

Amy’s Quesadilla – $16
Crispy toasted large flour tortilla filled with fresh guacamole, spinach leaves, salsa and cheese.

Chipotle Quesadilla – $16
Beef | Chicken | Frijoles

Street Tacos (GF) – $13
Two warm corn tortillas with crispy lettuce, topped w creamy avocado sauce, cheese and jalapenos.
Beef | Chicken | Chili Con Carne | V

Jalapeno Poppers – $12
Four fried artisan jalapenos filled with soft cheese in crispy nachos bread crumbs.

Chimichanga – $12
Four pieces of crispy fried flour tortillas filled with onions and cheese. Served with avocado sauce.
Beef | Chicken | Spinach

Taquitos (GF) – $13
Two crunchy rolled up corn tortilla topped with salsa, sour cream and guacamole.
Beef | Chicken | V


Burrito Del Mar – $40
Large baked flour tortilla wrap with prawns and scallops in a tangy creamy sauce served with rice and frijoles.

Burrito Supremos (GFA) – $35
Large baked flour tortilla wrap with cheese and tomatoes. Served with rice and frijoles Topped with light sour cream.
Beef Colorado | Spiced Chicken | V | Chilli Con Carne

Amor Burrito – $35
An open hearty burrito, baked with layers of frijoles, rice, salsa and cheese. Topped with light sour cream.
Seafood + $2 | Beef | Chicken | V

Chimichanga Burrito – $37
Golden crispy fried burrito served with rice, frijoles, lettuce and sour cream.
Chicken | Beef | Chilli Con Carne | V

Piping hot corn tortilla rolled and baked with mild chilli sauce and cheese.

Combinaciones (GFA) – $35
Enchilada, taco, rice, frijole con queso, crispy flautas and sour cream.
Beef | Chicken | Mixed | V

Enchilada Supreme (GFA) – $36
Two enchiladas with an egg, double decker taco, rice and sour cream.
Beef | Chicken | Mixed | V

Enchilada Taco (GFA) – $28
Enchilada + taco + (rice or frijoles)
Beef | Chicken | Mixed | V


Avocado Del Mar – $40
Avocado baked with prawns and scallops in a tangy creamy sauce and cheese. Served with fresh Mexican rice and frijoles.

Pinata – $34
Surprise yourself under a large baked flour tortilla bowl with your choice of meat. Accompanied with lettuce, sour cream, rice and frijoles.
Colorado Beef | Spiced Chicken | Chili Con Carne

Tres Tacos (GFA) – $30
Three crunchy or soft tacos served with Mexican rice.
Make it double decker + $1 each
Beef | Chicken | Frijoles | Mixed

Tostada Grande (GFA) – $30
Baked crispy corn tortilla with frijoles, cheese and filling. Topped with lettuce, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Served with taquito, flautas and rice.
Beef | Chicken | Mixed | V

Quesadilla Suprema (GFA) – $34
Baked large flour tortilla filled with frijole con queso, tomatoes and cheese. Served with fresh guacamole, salsa, sour cream and rice.
Beef | Chicken

A sizzling dish that excites your senses! Choice of the following, sautéed with capsicums and onions. Accompanied by tasty Mexican rice, crispy lettuce, guacamole and 4 warm flour tortillas. (GFA)

Beef | Chicken | Mixed – $43
Strips of marinated rump steak and chicken.

Beef & Reef – $46
Prawns, scallops and beef.

Seafood – $49
Prawns and scallops.

Vegetarian – $36
Sautéed capsicums, onions, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes.

Health Bowl – $32
A healthy bowl of tasty warm tossed sweet potatoes, capsicums, onions, avocados, cherry tomatoes and black bean corn salad.
Beef | Chicken | Mixed | V
Seafood + $5

Min. 2 people. Shared style. $49 per person

Street Tacos (GF)
Potato Skins (GF)
Fajitas XL (GFA)

A La Carte

Enchilada (GFA) – $12
Taco – Hard (GF) | Soft – $9


Avocado (GF) – $16
Fresh crisp lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion, jalapeno and coriander. Dressed with homemade vinaigrette.

Mexicana (GF) – $13
Refreshing crisp lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cheese. Drizzled with our signature honey and lemon dressing.


Mexican Rice – $5(S) $8(L)
Corn Chips – $3(S) $5(L)
Salsa (Hot or Mild) – $3.5 (S) $6.(L)
4 Flour Tortillas – $5
4 Corn Tortillas – $4
Frijoles – $5
Jalapeños – $3.5
Guacamole – $5
Sour Cream – $4
Cheese – $3

Mexican Potato Skins

Street Tacos

Health Bowl

Amor Burrito


Tostada Grande

Health Bowl

Enchilada Supreme

A Fiesta