Meet Dave. He is 45 years old, a loving single parent to his 15 year old son, Alex. Dave was working in a recycling factory until something happened!

Like any hardworking parent, he purchased a non industry standard boot to save money for his son. Unfortunately, his diabetes prevented him from seeing the damage on his right foot. Dave had to have his big right toe cut off and as a result of the complications had to stop work.

Right now Dave can’t afford an orthopaedic shoe and is using an umbrella to walk. Dave WANTS to return to work and get his life back – but he needs his shoe to regain his independence!

Amor Mexico is running a fundraising from now until 31st July 2022.

Every dine in large nachos purchased we will donate $5 towards Dave’s cause.

💰Target : $600

🌽Need: 120 large nachos

⏰Deadline: 31st July 2022

Your generosity of eating a large nachos can help Dave get back on his feet.